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There is a possibility of a breeding in June/July check back for updates..


FCC/CFC show in Truro April 28 &29th, 2012..Devil received another Excellence certificate today completing his FCC Championship. Very proud of our boy!!

CFC show in Windsor on April 30th , 2011 was great. Devil came away with 2 Excellence cards, breed and a group 3 placement.

Our "E" Litter has arrived, 3 beautiful babies, 1 boy and 2 girls.
Parents: Vixen and Devil
DOB: march 8, 2011
All pups from this litter are sold.

Devil now has his Canadian Championship as well as his Temperment Tested titles. Not bad for having him here in Canada under 1 year. We are so proud of him and looking forward to him sireing puppies in early 2011!!

OCT 2010 in PEI

Devil show picture --Truro--October 2010
Best of Winners / Best of Breed / Group 4

 Oct 2010---Devil von Haus Pfalzerheide earned his temperment tested title this weekend at the Truro show. In the conformation ring he got a group 4th placement. We are so proud of him. Please wait patiently for his show picture. here is one of him outside after the show.


Devil von Haus Pfalzerheide
Best in Breed / Best of Winners..Canning Show June 2010

February 23, 2010
Vixen and Immo had  a lovely litter of 8. 3 girls and 5 boys..
All Puppies from this "D" litter are sold.

October 2009, check it out, Kryptons Cuba will start rocking the show ring in PEI the end of October. And look for her in the shows 2010.

We are very proud to be adding a couple of impressive stud dogs to our family. Please check out our boys page. Sept 2009.

March 26th, 2009, Vixen has had a litter of 5 beautiful , big and strong babies. 2 girls and 3 boys, sired by Axel.
All puppies from this litter "C" are sold.

Vixen von Grunfeld has come to join our family , here at Krypton Shepherds. Please look for pics of this beauty , coming soon. March 2008

October 2006, Truro Show, Axel is now a Canadian Champion at 1-1/2 years old. Judge Hilary Pederson awarded Axel Winners Male, Best of Opposite and Best of Winners. Also on this weekend he was awarded his Tempernment Testing Title.


June 2006, at the Canning Show.....Congrats to Kajun... Below you see her after she achieved her Canadian Championship..

Kajun now has her Temperment Tested title, after receiving and excellent score at the Truro show, October 2005.


June 2006 at the Lunenburg Dog Show, Our boy (AXEL) has 2 more points towards his championship!! Respected Judge  Cheryl Myers-Eagerton awarded Axel Winners Male and Best of Opposite..

October 2005.....Axel has begun his show career. At the Prince Edward Island Dog Show he received 3 points.. What a great start...way to go Axel. Dylan and Varina are the proud parents of this pup!!!!
 Respected All Breed Judge Jim Reynolds giving AXEL Winners Male and Best Puppy in Breed!


Dylan recieved his Can Championship at the Truro show, in October 2004. Thank you to all the judges who recognized Dylans temperment and quality. At this show as well he did awesome on his temperment test, passing with flying colors!

Truro Show, October 2004


South Shore Kennel Club--Lunenburg Show
WOW !! 3 Grunfeld Dogs Placing......2003.
CH Justice von Grunfeld CD (middle) Best of Breed
CH Kajun von Grunfeld TT (your left) Best of Opposite
CH Grunfelds Dylan von Riesa TT (your right) Best of Winners

October 2000 at the Truro Show Jasper received his CKC Championship..way to go!!

ON WITH THE SHOW!" ... His Master's Smile ... Ron Hevener

He had won.
He had done his master proud and he had won.
It wasn't that he understood exactly "what" he had done to make
everyone so happy. It wasn't as if he had fought off a raging bear, or
saved a lost child. He hadn't run for help or chased a thief away from
those he loved. He hadn't done any of those things. He hadn't done
anything but be himself, standing before a crowd of strangers, beside
the one he loved. And, there it was: His master's hand upon his
shoulder; his master's voice at his ear; his master's smile upon him.

It wasn't always like this. In the long-ago mists of Before, when he
nudged his mother's breast and scrapped with his brothers and sisters,
he was blind to the life that lay ahead of him, blind to anything but
himself. Listening into the night, his mother's breath comforted him in
a world of what he could feel, hear, or sense around them. But, from
his earliest awakening, he was aware of a presence around him; an
intelligence. From as far back as he could think, there seemed to be a
mysterious something watching over them, providing an order to things;
a mysterious someone who seemed to care.

Day after day it was like this. Day after day, as he dozed in the
manner of the newborn, he felt himself touched by something greater
than he, himself, seemed to be. It wasn't that he knew himself. It
wasn't as if he knew he was any different from a rock or a tree or the
flowers decorating his life. He only knew that his life was protected
by someone that could change anything around him.

It was a power that could change the bedding on which he lay. It
could bring him food. It could bring water. It could take away his
mother, making him wonder if she would ever return. It could fill the
air with music all night long and calm him with a reassuring voice.
>From the moment he first saw it, he knew he was important to this
powerful someone. He knew it from the moment he felt his master's smile
upon him.

As it is with all young dogs, there were ups and there were downs.
There was the time he escaped and followed a yellow butterfly. Yes, it
was true he could hear his name being called. It sounded nice, hearing
his master shout his name to the Heavens and fade into the distance.
But, a yellow butterfly! Now that was something he had to know about.
He had to know about all kinds of things in the Early Days. He had to
know about powdery wings that fluttered and lifted a butterfly into the
air. Did he have wings, too, he wondered? Where were his own wings? ...
Where, he suddenly wondered with a sinking feeling in his belly, was
his master's voice? Yellow butterflies melted into darkness and shivers
as he learned the meaning of loneliness ... and longing.

A light! The rustling, crunching sound of dry leaves and familiar
footsteps! Was it possible? "There you are!" came the words that showed
him all things are possible even when all is lost. "I've been looking
for you," came the caress of love as they turned for home and he felt
his master's smile upon him ....

There were other times, many of them, when he tried new things. Some
were praised and others were not. But through it all, through the good
times and the bad, his spirit flourished and he grew. As his spirit
grew, so did the body in which it dwelled. He grew taller, stronger,
and wiser with his master never far away; feeding him, watering him,
turning on the radio and filling the night with music ....

With his master's help, he grew to understand that collars, leashes
and manners were important things to know about. He grew accustomed to
riding in a car, accustomed to the slippery floor of a veterinarian's
office and the bitter taste of medicine ... He grew accustomed to many
things, to please the one he loved.

There were others like his master. As time went by, he saw many of
these gods, for that's what they were to him. He heard them speak and
did not understand their words, he saw their eyebrows raise and fall,
he saw the gesture of their hands and felt their laughter. "Is that
thing worth showing?" they asked.

"We'll see," came the answer from the one who mattered to him most.
"His mother is the best one I have and his sire is a winner."

As spring burned into summer and summer leaves began to fall, they
worked. They worked together, side by side, early in the morning. They
roamed the pasture and fields, just the two of them, a master and his
dog; a master and his dog sharing a secret. "You can do it," he was
told. "I know you can."

After what seemed like endless mornings and endless nights, when it
felt as if this would be his lot in life forever, something changed.
"We've done enough now, my friend. It's time to show them."

Show them? Show them what? What are we going to show them?

"We're going to show them what you were born to be," came the
answer, as he felt his master's smile upon him.

He was frightened that day. Was he good enough? Would he do the
right thing or would he let his master down? What was ahead for him, he
wondered, as he hopped into the car. Were they going to the vet's
office? Please say they weren't going to the vet's office for shots or
medicine. But, they weren't going to the vet. This time, they drove
past the vet. He breathed a sigh of relief and fell asleep.

It was the sounds that woke him: sounds of barking, air compressors
and excited chatter. The smell of sausage, French fries and dogs --
hundreds of them; more dogs than he had ever seen in his life -- lured
him to full attention. Where are we, he wondered, pressing his nose
against the window. What's happening?

"Come on, fella," his master said, opening the door and snapping on
a leash after they came to a stop. "Good boy!"
"Good" is what he always tried to be. Was it his imagination, or was
his master standing extra tall today? Was his master brushing him with
extra-careful attention? Were people looking at them in a different way
than they used to?
"Where'd you get that one?" somebody with a poodle asked.
"Bred him myself," came the answer.
"Yeah? Who's he out of?"
"The best one I have and his sire's a winner."
"Wait a minute -" came a voice of disbelief. "That can't be the one
I saw at your place. That pup was just about the scrawniest thing I
ever saw!"

Nobody had ever told him he was scrawny. Nobody had ever told him he
was any different from a flower or a cloud or a beautiful butterfly.
Nobody had ever told him anything ... except that he was important;
except that he was loved.

The class was called, the entries filed into the ring ... proudly,
he stood as the judge ran her hands through his hair, over his back and
down his legs. Down and back they trotted; around the ring they went.
As still as a living statue he stood, though every fiber of his being
wished to jump into his master's arms.

One by one the entries went through their paces. One by one, they
went to the end of the line. One by one, they waited the judge's brave

"Around again, please," she directed ... and, sure of herself, she
pointed: "One! ... Two! ... Three! ... Four!" as the crowd clapped
their approval.

No, it wasn't as if he understood exactly "what" he had done to make
everyone so happy. It wasn't as if he had fought off a raging bear, or
saved a lost child. He hadn't run for help or chased away a thief. He
hadn't done any of those things. He hadn't done anything but be
himself, standing bravely before a crowd of strangers; standing beside
the one he loved. There it was: His master's hand upon his shoulder;
his master's voice at his ear; his master's smile upon him.