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Our Clients tell us what they think about our dogs!!

   We had been looking for a German Shepherd puppy for about 6 months.  We had visited a few different breeders and had met with them and their dogs.  We weren't overly impressed until we met Darlene and her pack! We fell in love with the father "Devil" and knew we had to have one of his puppies!
We brought our little bundle of joy, "Sheikra", home a year ago.  She has just turned 14 months and is becoming a very well mannered young adult.  Sheikra has been a great addition to our family. She is beyond smart and learns very quickly. Sheikra was completely crate trained after only 2 nights.  She is very well socialized, she loves other dogs, strangers and children. 
Everywhere we go we get compliments on how beautiful she is.  We had a gentleman stop us just a couple of days ago to ask if she had been spayed because she was so beautiful he would love to breed her.  One day while we were out for our walk, I had a lady waiting outside her door to tell me how beautiful Sheikra was, meanwhile she had a little white dog sitting at her feet!!
Our vets even comment on how great she is and what an awesome temperament she has.  They love how she sits so still for them while they cut her nails, inject needles etc.  Never showing any fear or aggression.
Sheikra loves to please and will do almost anything for a reward such as her ball, frisbee or just a plain old stick!  We go for long walks on secluded trails and she never ventures too far away from me and always comes back on my command. 
We keep in touch regularly with Darlene to update her on Sheikra's progress and to share many photos of her!  Darlene has answered my many questions and is always available to help us with any tips we may need.
We can't express how happy we are with Sheikra.  She is everything we expected in a German Shepherd and more!  If you're looking for a great new best friend, contact Darlene at Krypton Kennels.
Carrie & Bob 

We are so pleased with the newest addition to our family, Cooper.  He just turned one.  Cooper is such a handsome boy.  We get comments about him all the time.  He is very gentle and loving to our two children, who are seven and two.  He has a wonderful temperament, and is great around other dogs and children.  I would not hesitate to recommend Krypton Kennels to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a shepherd.
Sarah & Adam

I have followed Kryptons litters since meeting Axel.  He is a beautiful German Shepherd with a lovely temperment and I am definitely one of his fans.  At that time I had a lovely male Grunfeld shepherd at home as well as a lab who is still with us.  Recently I was thinking about adding a male GSD to our home and Krypton had their D litter on the ground.  Nine weeks later I brought home a very cute little puppy.  He of course was adorable as all puppies are.  Full of beans and keeping me on my toes!  I was loving it!  He is now 6 months old and he is very affectionate and sweet.  His loving nature is exactly what I was hoping for when I thought of adding a new male shepherd to the family.  I could not be happier with my boy!  Darlene has been very easy to contact for information and advice.  I also feel very secure with the lifetime guarantee that Krypton offers.

Proud Mom of Kryptons Deluca!

Hi Darlene,

We have so much that we could say about Scout that I am sure at this point that I can write you a book. He is such a wonderful addition to our family that it surprises me to say he has only been a part of our family for the past 4 months as it seems like forever. The one thing that continues to surprise us is his wonderful personality. He is such an easy going relaxed dog.

He is becoming a gentle giant at 6 months and is approximately 60 pounds. He is excellent with our daughter and is always aware of her presence. Once when we went for a walk our daughter fell. Scout noticed right away and turned around and proceeded to nudge her up with his nose to help her back up. He was only 3 or 4 months at that time. Also, he is always very gentle with our daughter. The other day she was working on his training and he took a cookie from her before he finished what he was suppose to do. Our daughter who is 6 reached in his mouth and took out the cookie. He allowed her to do this although he now has all his full grown teeth. She often gives him what I call too many hugs....the sad part is even when he is getting a little mauled by our daughter he still comes back for more and loves her with an unconditional love that is beyond words.

When we go for drives he sits in the back seat with our daughter. Well to be honest he snuggles right beside her and I am sure that a whole other person would still have room to sit in the back seat by his door...he doesn't leave our daughter much space.....the other day I turned around to see our daughter and our fur kid sound asleep together in the back seat!!!!

Although he is gentle he is also very aware of his surroundings especially at night with we go for our walks. He is quick to let me know with a bark if there is something I should watch out for. For example one night we walked by a grassy area with allot of bushes. If I have not had Scout with me I would not have known that there was something in the bushes. However, something caught his attention and he started to bark at the bushes. It allowed me to do a quick walk around with him in tow and to possibly avoid any problems.

For the past 4 months Scout has been everywhere with us. We often take him into Home Depot, Chapters books, camping, sailing and all the doggie parks. He loves other dogs and people. We took him on our sail boat to see the fireworks. Any other dog I am sure would be scared or nervous of the fireworks especially being on the water as they echo very loudly. Scout however was sound asleep on the boat and did not wake up.It did not faze him one bit.

The other night we decided to put a tent out in the back yard for my daughter and myself and Scout to sleep  in. Although we made Scout his own bed he decided it was most appropriate to sleep in the middle between us. Have I mentioned to you how big he is getting!!!. Anyway I needed to get up in the middle of the night and go in to the house for a second. I accidently left the tent door open. It surprised me when I can back to the tent he was awake and gently watching over our daughter who was sleeping in the tent. He refused to leave her while she was asleep. He is still a puppy though and although the body is getting quite big the mind is still very much a puppy!!! We love every minute of it and can only find words to say thank you for giving us the chance to experience the love that only a Krypton puppy can provide. 



Hi Darlene
        We just wanted to thank you for your on going support with Kaison!! We really appreciate the relationship that you maintain with all of your clients. It is nice to have the on going support and answers when we are not sure . Kaison is doing very well he is growing and very healthy. Our boys (Kale 12 and Kade 9 ) are his best friends, they love to play fetch and chase with him !!! He loves to see their friends come over because they all love to play with him as well . We are always proud when we travel with him because people always want to pat him, and they always say how handsome he is !! ( He knows it !!!) He is a very calm and a smart puppy he has made such a great addition to our family and has adjusted very well to our busy life style. He is constantly on the go an interacts very well with all children and other dogs. We travel quite a bit throughout the Maritimes and he comes everywhere we go !!! He is an excellent traveler and has stayed at several hotels around the Maritimes. Again we never dreamed that he would be such a joy!! While he still has his puppy moments (he is only 5 1/2 mths) he has learned the rules very fast. He loves to give kisses and does get into a bit of mischief. But he wouldn't be a puppy if he didn't!! 
  Debbie Mason
p.s we will be in touch !!! The kennel training was very easy and made a big difference !!!

Hi Darlene

 We really enjoy CICI as new family member, we took her to the vet you recommended on Tuesday, she is in perfect health.We did shots as well, I trained her in the last couple days, she now will respond not only verbal but also body gesture for “sit, down, up, and stay” already. Very smart puppy, we will keep you posted. Send you some pic later on

   Lin Xu

Zeus is doing great. His ears hang at a 90 degree angle when he`s relaxed, but he can stick them up if he wants to. When he`s outside they are up most of the time, so they are getting there. He is currently about 60 lbs. The vet thinks he will top 100 lbs easily. He normally gets out to play in his 12 acre playground for about 2 hours a day, so he`s very powerful in muscular strength and endurance. He loves to carry a chunk of wood everywhere he goes outside. He gets along great with everybody he meets and plays well with other dogs. He`s very obedient, even to the point where he won`t chase a cat if I tell him to stay. His intelligence amazes me everyday as he learns almost every task the first time. One of these days I`m sure he`s going to say a few words to me. He is exactly how he should be with any strangers or strange animals on the property. He closes to a certain distance with an aggressive posture and barks but won`t get to close before I can check it out. I really like that. The property has distinct boundaries and he does`nt pay attention to anything outside them. He is one great dog, and exceeds all the expectations I had of getting a German Shepherd. The only problem he did have was one of dry skin. He was scratching and scratching like there was no tomorrow. I beefed up the supply of omega 3 and 6 to his diet and cured this. He scratches a normal amount now and has no sign of dry skin. I have attached 6 pictures so please let me know if you don`t receive them and I will find another way to send them.

Bosco is settling in and doing very well.  He underwent surgery last week to have 3 dead teeth removed and did very well.  Bosco is learning all kind of things very fast and enjoys fetching the flyers from the doorstep, playing at the off leash park with all of the other dogs and chewing on his many toys (the squeeker is his favorite).  He is going to be starting obedience classes this coming week.  We have lots and lots of people who think he is very beautiful and love his name.  We are so glad to have him as part of our family.
Todd & Sybill

Hi, sending you a few pictures, Bella is doing great. We couldn't be more pleased with her, thanks again.

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we are moving to Ontario.  We are hoping that Ali enjoys Ontario as much as she has the Eastern Shore.  We are so happy with Ali, she is such a wonderful dog and we are complimented on her all the time.  Our vet can not believe what wonderful temperment she has and the things she will let them do to her without a fuss!  Ali also has been attending dog daycare since we got her from you and we always are complimented on what a gentle dog and beautiful dog she is.  I feel truly blessed to have Ali in my life.  I hope that I do not need to get another Shepherd for MANY years but I know that I will be coming back to Krypton Kennels to get one. 
Love, Melissa, Kevin, Ali and Jack

I have one of the nicest shepherds that I got from Darlene Young, Krypton German Shepherds. Otis is now 2 years old and has a wonderful temperament. Everyone that meets him can’t get over how kind and friendly he is. He is great in the car and he just sits there and looks out the window. My vet has said many times that Otis is probably one of the nicest and well behaved shepherds he has ever met and also said that the breeder has done a great job. He loves to play with all dogs he meets and has great time in “Doggy Day Care”. He is such a good companion to me and my husband, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I tell Darlene how much I love him every time I see her and I wouldn’t hesitate to get another shepherd of hers someday.

Kandace Laurendeau

We are so pleased with our shepherd, Allie. Allie is a pup from the first litter at Krypton German Shepherds. She came to us at eight weeks old, clearly well socialized, happy, confident, and inquisitive. She has grown to be a delightful dog, beautiful in personality and in confirmation. We would not hesitate to get another dog from Krypton German Shepherds.
Joelle Caplan & Agnes McCully

It has been just over a year since we brought Brock home, we couldn't be more thrilled with him.  He is a beautiful, healthy, very friendly young dog.  One of the traits that continue to amaze anyone that he comes in contact with, is how friendly he is, even to complete strangers. He is very courious, but never aggressive to other dogs, small animals, or children. I am very pleased with our choice of Krypton German Shepherds to get a puppy from, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy. Great Job Darlene!! 
From Bonnie, Alex, and Brock

  I have had the pleasure over the many year's of handling  Darlene's  German Shepherds in and out of the show ring. A few to their Canadian Championships.  I've been their groomer from the time they were small puppies until they became impressive adults.  The temperment and structure of these dogs makes it  easy to handle and train them.
  I have alot of fun handling Darlene's dog's, they learn quick and enjoy doing it!!  I look forward to the future and will continue to enjoy handling the future Champions of Krypton German Shepherds.

Paula Dominey
Amino Kennel's Reg'd

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